Active soccer analytics blogs


  • “statistical and tactical analyis of football”
  • excellent, data-heavy material, strong focus on Premier League

Scoreboard Journalism

  • great blog by Simon Gleave, exposes many examples of “scoreboard journalism” (“It means that our conclusions on a football match (or other sporting event) should not be guided by the result but by what actually happened, the content if you will.”
  • focus on Ducth Eredivisie


  • Blog by Soccermetrics Research LLC, a soccer analysis and research company founded by Howard Hamilton
  • Homepage also includes interesting other resources, interviews, podcasts etc.

11 tegen 11

  • Tagline is “Tactical analysis of Dutch football”, but offers much more
  • Very nice bibliography and list of “landmark articles” on soccer analysis

Different Game

  • introduces many new and valuable, including a Goalkeeping Model and Shot position average model
  • check out the “top posts and pages” to get an idea what the blog is about

Stats Bomb

American Soccer Analysis

Soccer Logic

  • Byline “Let the data do the talking”
  • “Trying to discover interesting and useful insights in sports data using data mining and visualisations”
  • Unfortunately only very few posts, but impressive depth of analysis (though the claim “Basically I started what today is known as Football analytics.” might be a bit too much…)

The Power of Goals

5 added minutes

  • very much lives up to its tagline “Analysing football beliefs and misconceptions”

Inactive Soccer Analytics Blogs

Even though the blogs on this list are not active anymore (i.e. do not publish any new content), the old posts are still up and often very worthwhile to read.

Soccer statistically

James Grayson

Alexej Behnisch

Analyse football

On Footy

Rational Football

Soccer by the numbers

Soccer Business Blogs

Fußball Geld

  • German page by Max Randerath collecting an impressive amount of info about wages, turnover, balance sheets etc. of soccer clubs

 Business Game Time   (Inactive since 2012)

Swiss Ramble   (Last post August 2013)


Sports Economics

The Sports economist

  • “The Sports Economist is produced by a group of scholars who apply economic thinking to sports. TSE has provided commentary and links to issues in the sports world since 2004.”
  • Unfortunately not that much about soccer, mainly US sports

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