Recap last season(s) Before we start, full disclaimer: I am a rabid 1.FC Köln fan and club member. Come on FC! I’ll still try to be neutral… So, last season: Finished 5th, direct qualification for Europa League, best season in 25 years. Very stable development, placing 12th, 9th, and now 5th after their promotion. Coach Read More →

Lies’ diesen Beitrag auf deutsch! EURO 2016 is about to start, so you can’t escape the expert predictions (though sadly lacking are animal-based predictions. What gives?) To tackle the question who will win the EURO 2016 a little more systematically, I find 3 approaches interesting: Betting quotes Elo-Rating FIFA ranking Betting quotes are – I Read More →

First, let me state that I am a big fan of this book. It collects many different strands of analytical thought about soccer and is a great entry into the topic of soccer analytics. Some basics to get started: Written by Simon Kuper (@KuperSimon) and Stefan Szymanski (@sszy), first edition in 2009, current edition is Read More →

Lies’ diesen Beitrag auf deutsch! To state it bluntly: Most of the stuff that is called “statistics” in (German) soccer journalism can be more accurately described as pointless and weird anecdotes. Some examples: All “streaks” like “unbeaten for the last 6 games” to comment on current form. Totally useless, as true in all the following Read More →